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Why would you want to choose JestServers?


Consistent Performance and Reliability.

Our Automated load balancing system with manual checks ensures your dedicated server hardware is under-subscribed at least 25% at all times.

This means if all services on the hardware ran 100%, there would still be 25% available.  This is why performance is consistent at all times.

All hardware is top of the line.  Intel SSD Array, RE Backup drive, 32GB+ ECC DDR3 RAM, 1Gbit dedicated connection with DDoS protection, monitoring, filtering and the fastest core speed processors available(Always being upgraded) so even games that do not support multiple cores run smooth.

Each dedicated server is colocated in the most proven quality datacenters for each location.  Many have 100% network uptime year after year and 99.99% overall uptime.  Multiple undersubscribed lines from multiple premium providers  with intelligent routing keep latency the lowest possible for the area and avoids downtime even when the cause is outside the datacenter by finding an alternate route to all clients.  If you find a lower pinging server in the same location, we will add that provider if available without delay.

JestServer(s) has been around since 2006 and is a licensed business.  We are here to stay.




Our award winning support is well known on forums and review sites.  Jest will personally make sure all support issues are answered and properly handled.

How far will we go?  Can’t figure something out and support tickets not enough?  Jest will teamview into your computer and guide you through it and leave you a happy emoticon.

Don’t take our word it’s the best, read our reviews online, or give us a try knowing you can cancel any time with no fees using our pro-rated refunds.

We have your security in mind.

At JestServers.com, for your convenience, we offer PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex + VBV and SecureCode as preferred methods of payment due to the security it provides our customers. We are committed to making sure that when you order with us, you know that your money and information is well-protected at all times behind our TLS/SSL-protected shopping area. Our TCAdmin control panel also supports SSL/HTTPS.  With PayPal and VBV/SecureCode you will always be able to buy with confidence at JestServers.com.  If you do not want to provide personal information when ordering, you can put in fake information and use Paypal.  JestServers does not store or see any credit card numbers or information. We are a certified LLC company that pays taxes, if you would like any proof of our legitimacy ask us via the contact form and we will gladly provide documentation. Our web presence has been around since 2006

Secure Site

Should you not be happy with your services…

We don’t foresee any reason why, but if anything comes up and you are unhappy with JestServers.com, we offer an industry-leading pro-rated refund. Unlike other services who lock down your money after a couple days, JestServers.com has a different business model: pay only for what you use. Our Pro-Rated Policy means that you will never owe us the balance of unused time on your contract. If you order for a month, use the server for half a month and then decide to cancel, we will refund half of your money.   No reason needed, no fees.


We have been around since 2006 and don’t plan on going anywhere soon.  Our lowest uptime in 7 years was 99.7% Our current overall average for 2013 is 99.95% uptime.


We see recently made clans/gaming groups rent a single game or voice server for the first couple of months.  Then they grow, make a nice website, expand to new games, enter tournaments, live stream and gain popularity.  We help accommodate this with free advice on how to help expand and manage your gaming group, along with group pay/donator options.  We have accommodated countless gaming groups and youtube/twitch channels as they grow, all the way to renting or selling them a dedicated server and rack space.  Some have ended up starting their own game hosting companies thanks to our stable, low latency connections and friendly support and guidance.


Have questions before purchasing?


Q: What type of network do the servers run on?

A: All servers run on premium networks with redundant top tier providers. OSPF and Flow Control Platform(FCP) enhances performance through these multiple providers to make sure your game servers are always taking the fastest and most reliable route. Our bandwidth providers are a mix of Internap (Savvis, XO, ATT, Global Crossing, Sprint and many more more), nLayer, Mzima, and more being added all the time to always keep your server the lowest latency possible.
This multicarrier intelligent routing identifies the absolute fastest route across Internet backbones, improving
performance 15 to 35 percent(compared to static BGP routing), as well as taking the most reliable and lowest ping path possible between clients so that long distances between clan members
has a minimum effect on ping.  Industry leading hardware provides maximum up-time and performance at all times.
All datacenters and upstream providers have DDoS protection, monitoring and filtering.

Q: Are there any activation/extraneous fees?

A: No, whatever the price is when you checkout is what you pay.  Out of 7 years I have never raised rates on a customer, what you buy your server at is what you can always keep it at, or upgrade and downgrade at any time.

Q: Can I upgrade or downgrade slots at any time?

A: Yes, you can do this from the billing panel.  Simply click on My Services, then click on the green arrow next to the service, then at the bottom click Upgrade/Downgrade options.  This will create an invoice for the upgrade and once paid will instantly be activated.  You may need to change the player count in some games if it is set in the config file manually.  You can always use less than the number of slots that you paid for.

Q: What happens if I miss a payment?

A: We have a 7 day period until the server is suspended for non payment.  After suspension, you can pay at any time within 30 days and your server will automatically be re-enabled.  If you plan on being late on a payment let us know, we can usually work something out.  No late fees.  After 30 days of non payment we reserve the right to terminate the server, but if you let us know you can get an extension.

Q: What is your refund policy?  How does it work?

A: If you are not happy with the server and paying monthly, just ask for a pro-rated refund.  This is always available, not just your first month.  I have yet to find another GSP that does this.
Whatever time is left in the month you’ll be fully refunded for.  This policy shows that we care about having great performance and up time, all the time!  This refund policy is unheard of to my knowledge in the game server world, many only give you 3 or 5 days to ask for a refund, then for the rest of the time you are at their mercy.  We can do this because our customers rarely ask for refunds, they stay with us.  If paying Quarterly you get a pro-rated refund for the rest of the time remaining minus a 25% fee as paying Quarterly you save 20% generally, the highest Quarterly discount I know of.  If the service doesn’t have a quarterly discount, there is no refund fee.

Q: What is the policy towards ads on the server? Could I accept donations for it?

A: Ads and donations are totally up to you, it’s your server :)

Q: What about the server hardware?

A: All of our servers run on commercial class hardware and have a guaranteed 25% overhead free(This is also very rare and I don’t know of any other companies that do this).  We do everything we can to make sure performance is the best it can be.  If it’s not up to your standards then we have our great refund policy.  The server OS and game server are on separate SSD arrays for maximum performance.  Some games that take up more than 30GB may be on an enterprise server HD or array, however we do our best to have everything on SSD.  The latest hardware is generally installed in each of our locations every 8 months.  You can request to be moved to the latest hardware at any time and we will let you know what we can do.  Our top of the line performance comes from constantly having fresh hardware installed or upgraded.  We want you to have the lowest ping, best performing server possible.

Q: What if I need to move my server to a different location?

A: That’s no problem, location moves are free.

Q: Do you provide redirects or FastDL servers? What other free options are there?

A: We provide free redirect servers for game servers that use them with full ftp permissions, free email accounts, and free mysql hosting.  Even free full featured Cpanel hosting with static IP for clans willing to put up an affiliate banner(you can use your own domain or a sub-domain of ours if you’d like).

Q: How does billing work?

A: We use Paypal(Both accounts and cards), Secure Credit/Debit/Gift Cards, and  AlertPay.  If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can still use it or any of the other gateways as they all support credit and debit cards.  You can never “owe” us money.  Whenever you no longer want your server you can put in a server cancel request if you’d like a refund on the remaining time or simply stop paying.  With Paypal there is an option to create a subscription which will automatically pay for your server on time.  If you cancel your server please be sure to also cancel the subscription on Paypal.  We can gladly do this for you if you need help, and if you forget to do this after canceling your server we will give you a full refund on any money sent.  If you use the Secure Credit Card method, by default your server will auto renew(by popular request) each billing period however this can easily be disabled.

Q: Where can I find your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?

A: It’s a work in progress but http://jestservers.com/2010-03/terms-and-conditions/

Q: Where can I read some reviews of your services?

A: http://www.gsprating.com/jest-servers/
You can also ask for any references from our experience with mass server hosting and launch day hosting.  We have helped http://www.croteam.com/ makers of Serious Sam, with their initial launch of Serious Sam HD: TSE.
We were there on day one hosting Alien vs Predator, Shattered Horizon, Mount and Blade Warband servers, Minecraft, CubeWorld, Science and Industry,  Golden Eye Source Beta4, Plain Sight launch servers, Lead and Gold(Fatshark) official server provider, Booster Trooper official provider and many more.  If you’re looking for a host to provide initial dedicated servers for your game please contact us!  We will prove we’re your best investment before charging anything.

We strive for honesty and integrity. If you have any questions whatsoever, please visit our forums and ask us anything. We promise you get the answers you need to make an informed decision to be part of the JestServers.com family.

All game servers are powered by TCAdmin.

All of our game servers include TCAdmin control panel Free, tweaked for performance, utility and reliability.  As the leading admin management console, TCAdmin provides easy, intuitive controls to manage all your game servers here at JestServers.com. TCAdmin was designed from the ground up to help today server admins complete control over their servers. With built in features for voice control, game control and a feature packed module, TCAdmin offers you total control over game and voice servers.


You will find the right server location with us.

It’s important for you to have low ping and high performance, so we have data centers spread across the United States and Europe. With a head office located in Dallas Texas, JestServers.com has grown over the years and have spread operations to include the following cities, with more expansions planned in the future. Currently we have servers in

  • Dallas, Texas
  • New York City, New York
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Los Angeles, California
  • San Jose, California
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Falkenstein, Germany
  • Paris, France
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Coventry, UK

In the future, we plan to expand to more locations where there is demand.

Ventrilo servers are offered in 21 locations.

About the Founder of JestServers.com:


Hello, my name is Kevin but in most games I go by Jest. I am 33 and have been running dedicated servers for 20+ years now. I have a few technical certs such as CCNA, Bachelor degree for Information Systems and an associates in Network Security Technology(with minors in business for both).

I started hosting game servers as a hobby in college as I finally lived close enough to a datacenter and made enough to colocate a single server. I hosted a CSS 24 slot server on a cutting-edge-at-the-time Q6600 with 2GB of RAM. I met up with members of clan vexed.ca and started to find out that many other players weren’t happy with their CSS server and loved how mine ran. That was when I started to host other servers for people remotely and it grew from there on. I still host that CSS server today.
I treat your server as if it was my own, if you have a problem then I will work on it pretty much non stop or until I’ve tried everything possible. I have no interest in trying to rip you off either, which is why I have always offered pro-rated refunds any day any time any reason. I’d much rather have a happy ex-client then an angry customer.  My main interest is for you to be as satisfied as possible.

I started out at age 12 with my first server client chat experience, Hotline, a chat/file sharing program. I really enjoyed the community and for some reason loved coming home from school and looking at the logs of all the activity that went on. I was on a 48kbps dial up connection at the time, it was all that was offered in my small town. When coaxial came to town I had been on the waiting list for a year, and was the 2nd one on the network they told me. I went to fileplanet.com and downloaded a Tribes Starsiege patch at like 900KBps and was the happiest person on earth. My upload was 40KBps which I was happy about but still wonder to this day why they can’t have a closer to 1:1 ratio…

After that the Hotline server grew at a very fast rate until eventually I had to let someone take over the hosting for me. If you ever used Hotline in the late 90s you probably heard about or saw MangoServer. Next was hosting Warcraft and Starcraft custom games, and it just spread from there.

Now I get to host servers on massive connections from multiple Tier 1 providers around the world.

Oh and I like to play games, mostly RPG, RTS, FPS and anything music wise, like DDR, PIU, Beatmania, DJ Hero, Guitar Freaks and Guitar Hero, PUBG, War Thunder, ARK, 7daystodie, Heroes of Newerth, Warband, Mass Effect, Starcraft 2, Minecraft, Terraria, EQ. I travel as much as possible and subconsciously search for arcades usually before any form of club or hot spot. I try and keep up with current games so I can actually know what I am talking about when discussing tickrates, choke, max cmdrate, server side fps, file injection mods and what not. You can check out all the games I play on my steam profile.  I have a fascination with solar panels and rechargeable batteries ever since I was a kid, I recently made my own solar powered netbook with supplies from newegg, even if it takes almost a full day for 20 minutes of use.   This is starting to sound like a really bad personals ad so I am going to stop here for now.