July 11th, 2016

ARK: Survival Evolved dedicated servers available

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  1. Maxim

    Im looking for Ark survival server for2 person to play. I know that you have minimum 5 slots to pay but my question is:
    Im living in Mexico, Playa del Carmen. Telmex is my internet provider. Im thinking about location for the server!? Would you tell me please what location is going to be best for us? Thank you!

    • Jest

      Florida or Dallas would be best. You can move your server between locations at any time, and if performance isn’t good enough we can do pro-rated refunds any time for you.

  2. Maxim

    I’m happy about Jestservers service! Specially with ARK server! Thank you guys that you are)

  3. enerivan cardenas

    Good afternoon I’m the leader of the clan zG | We are interested in a server of call of duty 4 hosted in maimi florida but whenever we contract the servers are attacked by DDOS we want to know if they have DDOS protection?

    • Jest

      Yes, we have a wide spectrum of DDoS protection in Florida.
      Sorry for the delay, WP flagged this as spam.

  4. Reinhard

    Im from Bolivia.
    Tire or official servers in ark.
    How much will cost a server for 2-5 players, and where is the best localization and how much will be the ping with a 2MB conection?

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