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June 1st, 2017

Conan Exiles Dedicated Game Servers for rent

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  1. Whats the actual hardware specs on these Conan Exiles Dedicated servers?

    • Jest

      As of this current date, since we constantly upgrade hardware, it would be at minimum E3-1270v3, 32GB ECC Registered RAM Server Grade, Solid State Drive Array, 1Gbit dedicated link, Premium Transit providers only.
      However in a few months most likely, if benchmarks prove the v5 to be better at hosting games while also taking into consideration the pricing, we will be upgrading everything to v5.
      We also are one of the few if not only game server providers hosting on bare metal dedicated servers, no virtualization means much faster performance regardless of hardware, due to direct hardware access versus a virtualization layer between your game server and actual hardware.

  2. I played on a 70 slot 32GB server with approximately 45 people paying at it was very stable and virtually non-existent lag. Which has led me here to get one for myself….


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