Customer Feedback

April 23rd, 2010

What our customers are saying.

So, you’re probably telling yourself, “Wow, these guys talk a big game. Can they back it up?”

Like all businesses, we definitely are going to talk ourselves up. It would be a terrible practice if we trashed ourselves, right? But you’re a young, savvy consumer who will not be tricked by all these sweet little nothings we are whispering in your ear. No, you want something much more compelling, more convincing, more concrete than our clearly-way-too-transparent-marketing gimmicks… so… … we’ll let our customers gimmick you for us. :-) If you’d like to verify any of these quotes, contact us using the contact page and we’ll see if we can round up some of our supporters. :) (by the way, these are from direct interactions, email, IRC, XFire, and Steam conversations, among others… and completely unedited, as you will see, from the moderate number of typos — WHO WE LOVE VERY MUCH.)

“Thank you Kevin for getting this server up and running. I read about you in some gamer forums. It was on the fact of you customer was exceptional. I will recommended you to anyone i speak of that is looking for server hosting.”

“Oh and by the way, Jest is badass and rocks! I used your service one time for a Mount and Blade server and I have NEVER EVER EVER EVER seen such quality in 14 years of being an administrator and dealing with corporate fluff. You guys are A+++++, jest please don’t sell out to the big guys. They turn gold to diarrhea in less than 24 hours. Whew, got all that out, talk to ya soon.

“Give me a J. Give me a E. Give me a S. Give me a T…what do you get? Bad ass servers. I hope someone laughs over there, cause if I did all this for nothing, I will be….sad. ROFL  “

“Your service is great. Your customer support is the best I have seen. Your pricing is amazing.”

“The service has been AMAZING over the time i’ve had a minecraft server.”

“I’m amazed over how excellent your customer service is! It never seems to be a problem when contacting you guys”

“THANKS A LOT man, not sure if I would’ve recieved such communication and service from any other hoster, you haven’t given me a chance to regret my decision to move to you. :D”

“ is the way to go. Jest is very quick to respond to any questions or issues and knows his stuff. I’ve been with other providers and they just did not have the quality of service that Jest provides. He’s also got servers pretty much across the country so you can usually find one near to the your largest concentration of players and that makes it a much better experience. ”

“ without a doubt. Support is by far the fastest and most reliable I’ve seen to date. Server performance is great too, I’ve never experienced any problems other than addon errors that I caused myself. ”

“Sir Jest, I don’t think there is anyone better and more dedicated than you in the game server business .. Things like this make us make us want to be your rs for life! ”

“Your site has the best hosting I’ve seen on any site. “

“Sweet thanks, you’re quick!”

“Thanks a ton. Once again, your service remains excellent in the true sense of the word.”

“I appreciate it, you guys are fast and awesome.”

“That’s awesome. I wish I had come to you guys months ago, seriously.”

“Best host ever. Freakin’ seriously. You rule.”

“you guys are one of the best hosts i ever seen juse wanted to let ya know”

“You guys have the best customer service I’ve ever experienced.”

“your server always ran flawlessly and had better ping rates any any other within its location”,366.msg595.html#msg595

“Thanks for all the extra work you have put in. YOU ARE AWESOME, thanks again.”

“Your services and support have been nothing but stellar while we have done business with you.”

“Having been over half a year, I’d like to thank you for all the great service you have given. Thanks :)”

“Your company has always been respectful, courteous, and prompt. Your company is now our permanent home and I wanted to let you know that your company is years ahead of the rest.”

“I like your investment, thank you again x) Vive JestServers!”

“I just wanted to let everyone that is interested in Jestservers know that Jest is one of the best companies I have ever dealt with. I was with them for over a year and not once have I had any problems with them at all. The reason I have left is because my community has decided to go with a cheaper VPS that we can afford.

Yes, Jest is a bit pricey but you get what you pay for. We never experienced any lag that wasn’t due to our own fault. Mostly my fault for overtaxing the RAM and CPU.

Support tickets are answered anywhere between 1-4 hours and most of the time almost instantly. The customer service is unparalleled by any company that I have ever dealt with. Kevin himself often resolves the issues himself. Just some of the things they do:

– Keep an active look out for problems with popular mods and server wraps and report them to the User.
– Offer to write configs for you.
– Will go through your logs to diagnose errors.
– Will report on cool mods that they think you might be interested in, especially those that help with performance. Kevin pointed out NoLagg for me and it works great!
– When I was having a problem with the nether, Kevin himself came into my game to help me diagnose it. After encountering the problem, he left to do research. I eventually diagnosed the problem and the steps to recreate it. I am sure that he reported this to the other servers so that they don’t make the same mistake.
– Jestservers has a refund system that no other company that I know of offers. I can’t report on it here since its a trade secret.
– Jest offers a variety of payment options as well as clan pay.

If you are looking for excellent quality, honest support and a friendly customer service atmosphere; you cannot go wrong with Jestservers.

I had a great time with them and I find it hard to leave.

Jestservers is awesome!

– Josh ‘Bonemonster’ D. “

“Just wanted to add that I came from [other company] where I had a 40 slot server. I left because they had little to no support, and when they did “help” they usually just pissed me off till I figured it out. I must say that even in the last 48 hours I have recieved more for my money here than the year and a half I was with [other company]. Thank you so much.”

“Cool. Just wanted to say you’re customer service is unparralleled. Seriously.”

“And also…I must say. We did go with a close friends game server for a scrim server…Let me tell you…You are definetely doing things right haha…Compared to his…Your servers are just so much…Well…Better! haha…I cant wait to expand my little empire of servers with ya =D”

“Oh wow thanks REALLY
If anyone needs a good server host, I will refer you to them no doubt.
Money well spent. “

“I’d like to state that the quality of service I’ve received has been phenomenal.”

“Man you’re good! I’m laughing at how quick you responded. I am seriously impressed.”

“Thank you for providing a quality service with great attention to customer satisfaction. I’m really impressed.”

“Literally you have great support.”

“Hammer and I would like to send out a BIG thank you to Kevin and all your staff for your help. Hammer and I are new to the server ownership and configuation there is no way we could have done all this.

your work has been outstanding and i will recommend your services to any and everyone. We will and hhope to add more servers in the future and will be giving you our service. without question.

you and your team have gone out of your way to help.
Again i say thanks and if your ever in Georgia (south Georgia) send me a message I’ll buy dinner.


“Thank you so much I just need to stop and say that this customer support is amazing. Hands down the best I have ever experienced in my life.”

“On another note, Y’alls customer support is TOP NOTCH, and I appreciate everything you guys have done. Our clan is likeley to open 3 more servers, and there is no doubt who our hosting provider will be. Thanks guys!”

“I just want you to know that you’re doing a fantastic job and I and everyone who plays on my sever appreciates it. This level of customer service is rare and thus duly appreciated when found.”

“Jestservers has been an absolutely fantastic host! I have nothing but praise for you guys and I’ll be recommending you to anyone who wants to start their own server.”

“Sweet Thank you so much Jest I can’t say it enough you are my Favorite dedicated host for games. ^_^”

“You are getting huge kudos all over my front page.”

“Thank you so much for all your many months of wonderful service. I’ve been a happy customer of Jestservers for a while now. Thank you.”

“WOW, i’m speechless, thank you very much, i really appreciate all your help, thank you!!!”

“Thanks for all your help Jest. the server looks great!”

MV “Its working flawless and we had alot of fun on that map :) thanks for the good server”

“You guys are like the Mercedes of servers. You have excellent service, outstanding speeds with no lag at all”

“Thank you very much for your rapid and prompt responses

I really like the way you guys operate

Thanks again and have a great weekend”

“Hi. I’ve been running a Minecraft server from your company. It’s running beautifully. Quick service responses, too. Thanks.”

“Quickest response ever. You rock. “

“Thank you so much, I guess I will take this time to say you guys rock. I have been so impressed with not only how the server has run but also how quick support has been, its all been fantastic. “

“Missile Moose: I’ve been hosting three servers with JestServers (ArmA 2 CO, TeamSpeak 3, Website) for around six months now. Outstanding service in ALL areas, full stop. He even has Xfire and deals with everything personally. There’s not much else to say, generally perfect service.
I can’t fault anything in my experience, 100% recommended. Yes, cheaper hosts probably do exist but what happens when you stumble upon a problem and customer support is bad?
If you’re thinking about making a purchase, it MUST be with Jest.
JestIsBest. :D”

“Steve M.:
I’m an injured veteran living with a traumatic brain injury. I’m not terribly smart but I do like to game and have my own servers to do so. During the past year jestservers has given me service that is nothing short of spectacular.
– They answer my support requests within minutes, usually around the clock.
– Work with me to figure out exactly what I want from my server.
– Assist me in fixing things that I CLEARLY broke and even jump on my server to sleuth out problems when I’m stumped.
– Have even checked on my servers to make sure they’re exactly what I want.
– Contacted mod and game developers for me to find out when something was going to be available or how to get me what I wanted out of a game.

I really don’t know if they give this level of service to everyone or if I’m just lucky, but they actually provide everything I need and I feel happy using their service.

*** For the best example of how they exceed levels of customer service, when the Japan earthquake hit and I was worried about my friend and couldn’t find him on the contact links that THEY provided in their news update. The admin of jest then helped me in tracking him down. My friend was ok and everything worked out well but, what type of game server admin stops what they’re doing to help you find someone in a disaster zone. What made this even more amazing was I found out later he himself, WAS IN the Japan earthquake at the time, dealing with the disaster and he stops what he’s doing to try and help me find someone I was worried about. ***

You really won’t ever be disappointed with this site’s service. I just don’t think it’s possible. “

Jest “I was joining to meet with three colocation providers in Tokyo when I got caught up in the earthquake. Support resumed 3 hours later once I secured myself and Wireless resumed. Work and my clients are a comfort in times like these and was eager to provide any help I could.”

“Mark Sim:
Anytime one of my fellow admins has screwed up the server (doh!) Kevin is extremely fast with his support and fixing things. We are running a 24 player Arma2:Combined Operations Server and its working great (when we don’t screw it up). We use ACE and its always updated without a hitch and we’re really happy with our service. We tried two other servers prior to our switch to Jestservers and we wouldn’t go back to those other guys.

” Monka: By the way, I’ll make it loud and clear while I’m talkin here. Jestservers possibly offers some of the best customer support out of all server hosters I’ve tried.
Monka: I don’t get how you do it, yet I’m still amazed.”

“On a side note I just wanted to say that I have rented several servers for several things in my time, but I have never experienced this level / type of customer support and game-specific knowledge before. It is so great to find a host that I will happily stay with for the duration :)


“ admin.
Hi Kevin, I want to send a big thanks back – you have provided me with BRILLIANT service all way through. (Customer for about 7-8 months // Minecraft server). We have been through a rough time with Minecraft – every update was a nightmare for everyone, but you where always there to help when needed. I had the luxery of contacting you through Skype where we could bounce problems and solutions. Besides that your ticket system works great and swift. I’m a solo business owner myself and can confirm how attatched you get to your company … Thanks again – you are quite unique and wish you the best in the future Claus aka Wzarlon”

“Narit wrote:
You people kind of rock, I hope you know that- where else can I get guys that will figure out for me which server best allows me to play minecraft with my brother half a world away :D”

“Kuro: Thank you so much. Best service ever. I am impressed.”

“MissileM.: Take care Jest, great service as always.”

“Thanks for the great support, when the game is released, I will definitely be sticking with Jest. And if my friend decides to use our old server map for his new server, I already told him about you guys.

Thanks Again!


“Jim: My players love how there’s no lag at all. Thank you for all your help!”

“JestServers: the lag is so low people sort by ping and join those
KProskater: came back saturday
KProskater: and im like wtf
KProskater: 14 / 14?
JestServers: hahahahahah
KProskater: 2 hours later
JestServers: :D:D:D
KProskater: 14 / 14
KProskater: midnight
KProskater: 14 / 14
JestServers: XD
KProskater: easter morning
KProskater: 14 / 14
KProskater: i got people mass friending me
KProskater: they are like IM QUEUEING UP BRO”

“MMoose: understandable, the work you do with the servers is fantastic.
MMoose: I’ve got TeamSpeak 3, ArmA 2 CO and website hosing from you, all run perfectly. Great service. “

“Persistent Perfection: haha
Persistent Perfection: thanks!
Persistent Perfection: I love this
Persistent Perfection: this is what im talking bout
Persistent Perfection: People should come to you
Persistent Perfection: rent at jest”

“REDRUM|: you are the man
REDRUM|: thank you so much”

“Eric: Ok and thanks your customer support is amazing!”

“Splendid: Awesome man, got everything working!
You have a mandatory customer here man.
Go JestServers!”

“(First time server admin)
[11:23:13 AM] Mike: oh man it’s so eazy…
[11:23:32 AM] Mike: where have u been al this time ??? :)”

“Robert C.: Id just like to say I was not optimistic about renting a server to play minecraft with my little band of friends. Id also like to say that your service has been more than I ever thought possible; my countless (often stupid) support tickets are always answered with the greatest care and expediency. In saying this I hope I have said enough. You guys are gaming bliss. Keep on rockin in the free world.”

“Thanks again for the help. Once again your service is excellent :)


I0n: thank you so much bud. This site has been the MOST helpful and appealing
I0n: than ANY site of tried or use right now ^_^

GangNail:” i am happy to have you too, I can surely say that your support is the best I have ever seen”
GangNail: “i am really serious :), i have been with many providers for games, but your respond is ………….best”

“Adeon: You run a great service by the way.”

Great review for ArmA hosting.

Minty Anty:”If you are looking for a good host, I would reccomend Jestservers Their 1 gig is $55 a month. My server and I run on it, and I gotta say, despite the price, they are pretty fantastic. The customer serverice is not only fairley prompt, but phenominal. They will always help you out as much as they can. Sure, they can only do so much, as the game is beta, but what they do for you is great. The customization on the server is great. With the ammount of plugins running, you can FTP in and customize the whole layout.

James: Just wow! James: OMG this is amazing

Zept.: jestserver is the best server i ever tried

Gene: “Thanks guys! Honestly your the best, im going to advertise you guys on my website!”

Caid J.: “By the way, your service is excellent. Thanks for all of these quick replies. I am blown away by the promptness of everything.”

Craig: “Wow. I’m extremely EXTREMELY impressed Kevin, thanks a ton.”

Sean: “Jestservers has been the best experience yet for hosting stuff.”

Anonymous “i will certainly rent a jestserver again since you guys gave me the best gameserver hosting experience i’ve ever had!”

Nando: you do a really good job here !

Krister: Will use this company next time I host a server. Nothing but awesome service from you guys.

“Hi Kevin, Happy New Year! Just wanted to say thanks for helping us have the most popular Arma2OA server, of any type, in the world, according to GameTracker.” Lucky

Nick: “I heard you guys actually logged into our game when the other admin had an issue. That is _amazing_ support. I love you guys.”

Will:Thanks a bundle… this support is soooooooooooooooooo great!

[11:31:12 PM] Graham: Your support is always flawless

holy_admin: hey man you are a f****** gift! your support is awesome! 1000 times thanks for your understandig with my special wishes etc.

Andy:man i love your services already! just great Thanks!!!!!!

AA_Fruitloop: I AM PROUD THAT I BOUGHT THAT SERVER! AA_Fruitloop: thank you man AA_Fruitloop: best servers eva Jest: <3

Michael S: I just can’t stop saying how awesome you are! This might be the best customer support I have ever experienced! :) Thank you again!

Tomm: Dont know where else to put this, but Im supprised about the support and the servers, it took my old host days to reply on my tickets, and the server kept crashing. Keep up the good work! :)

ToTheTop: i just wanted to stop by and write this out , since i think it has to be said. Now i have had tons of servers for so many different games by so many different company’s and every time you needed help or had a problem with your server not running correctly or w.e . It would take ages for you to get a reply from a support to fix the problem. Now @ jestservers its almost instant support and i think that is what makes you guys a really special and great company. keep up it up and i will surely keep my subscription on my server here.

Wise:Thanks alot man. I know this isn’t on topic, but seriously, you guys are fast and accurate. Great work man, you’ve definitely got my business for as long as I need the server.

ZaPaTa: but u are by far the best provider ive dealt with so far

joni wrote: You’re fantastic. The reviews I read weren’t lying. Thanks.

GangNail: ya I admmitted, you’r one of the best hoster I have seen

Karusune: I had been using (and will use in the future) the minecraft hosting that provides and wanted to let people know that I was personally very pleased with the results of the hosting. We had some issues with the server due to some changes with the Halloween update and Jest was there to ensure that everything was up and running as soon as possible and kept me up to date with anything that needed to be changed or fixed with quick updates to everyone that had minecraft hosting. Their backend and the mods that are available are easy to access and it’s easy to access everything you need. Configuration is quick and easy and the servers run very smoothly. If you’re looking for something reliable, check these guys out. They know what they are doing.

I’ve been a customer for about a couple of months now, and I can say that Jest has absolutely great customer service and support! Through all the insanity that is Alpha, Jest has been quick, hard working, genuinely friendly, and endlessly helpful. The service itself is terrific and stable. It is only getting better due to the upcoming admin features they are working on. Highly recommend! -Pozo15

Cody: Jestservers is amazing. I have been with them for about 3 months now and have had no problems. When I was looking for a server the low prices caught my eye. They have more minecraft features than any other server company out there such as plugins, mods, automated cartographs and backups. Their customer support is phenomenal! They no what they are talking about and are always there to help. If you are looking for a place to host your minecraft server then check out these guys, you will not be disappointed.

[1:34:09 AM] David A.: by the way i love your customer service, its the best i’ve ever seen

[eX]Devilize: we’ll i told you if i ever needed a server your who i go to for now on [eX]Devilize: nothing but the best [eX]Devilize: if i cant get real life lag free awesomness ill get the next best thing, jest. lawlz

Ivan: Thank you much. Ill say it again best support I have ever seen from a server provider !

Fer: I’ve been renting a non-dedicated OA server from Jest for over 3 months. The level of service, and understanding of the complexities involved in supporting this game, have all been exemplary. The server and, perhaps more importantly, Jest’s customer service, have coped with everything we’ve thrown at them. If even a fraction off the services I use day-to-day had customer service this good, life would be very much better! Please give these guys a shot, they’ve been worth every dollar.

Soldat20: I’ve been with Jest for a couple of months now, the Customer Service is quick in response to any issue. They also ask me a few times a month how the server is doing and to let them know of any performance issues! These guys are some of the best I’ve dealt with.

preuett: excellent servers by the way. i’ve tried a few other places and have had bad luck. keep up the great work.

excalibur: “I’d like to thank you for an excelent service and let you know that you have my recomendations for my friends. Thank you.”

“Treas”: Wow, excellent. You guys are outstanding. We are so happy to be working with you!

tehhluk: And thanks for all your help, Jest. Outstanding service all around. We are very satisfied with the level of work you guys provide. Even with Minecraft in an Alpha stage, you’ve done better than other companies who host full-release titles. If ever I need another game to host, you’ll be where I stay. Thanks from both of us. :)

Cody H.: man i love jestservers :) great customer support

Lee F. : Thanks again for all the support , your a life saver :)

Robert K.: Having service with you has been great, and your company has some of the best customer service I’ve seen within server hosting. Thanks again.

Krister: Thanks for great customer service yet again though. Your miles ahead of any other host company.

Adrian: OMG you’re awesome! Thanks!!!!!!

Steve Z.:Thx for all your help! You have the best customer service out there

[LM] Titan: Best support I’ve seen so far. Many thanks.

“Just want to say… I played on several servers that worked okay in terms of lag and downtime, some better than others, but I left my last server due to some differences with the administration and some serious lag. When I was contemplating leaving, I looked all over the web for providers that would make running a MC server easy while still having a well built server. I found some places, emailed them, no response really, no way to live chat to them, and many of the prices seemed high. I found Jestservers via some post on this forum, checked it out and it looked professional, found a contact us page with EVERY messaging service known, (I use AIM) sent an IM and instantly got a response, discussed stuff for an hour or more, it was suggested I start out with the smallest package, but due to the pro-rated refunds (you will be refunded for any time you don’t use on your bill) I figured I may as well go with what I want, I got the best server possible from the packages, and I love it. It is a bit pricey for a rented server, but that is minecraft for you, and has such good customer support, it is more than worth it. Any time you have a problem, help is just an IM (or TCadmin ticket) away. I love when you can actually communicate with the perosn you are paying for a service, and they do this very well! Setup is done in minutes, almost 0 lag ever on the server. Easy to restart / stop the server via tcadmin, and tcadmin allows you the ability to assign moderators the ability to restart the server without having access to anything else. Plugins are really 1 click away, and any plugin you want added to the list is usually done within minutes I could not imagine going anywhere else. My server is constantly at 25+ people and we never have any lag. FTW!” -Kyxoan

“Thanks For the record I’ve never been more pleased with a hosting company. You guys are truly excellent. Thank you — Michael D.,”

Bishop (1): truth be told, you are the best service money can buy

Jacob: You guys are probably the best dedicated server company I’ve used. Thanks for the great service.

Krister: That is awesome. Manually downloading and using cartograph to supply daily maps was killing me :P. Thanks for yet again an awesome support. So swift. Keep up the good work =). Your my only hosting company from now on.

“So far the [Minecraft]server has been great, we’re very happy with everything. -Joseph”

Christopher: I’m happy to say that I’ll be staying on your server for at least this month or next. Thanks for the quick support and quick actions. Better then the hosts at [other GSP] I can say for sure. Again thanks for tolerating me, and I really like your support.

Panda Elite Gaming: I am very happy with your servers and the up time!

CEVO|rm`: I have high hopes for this server. We run 25/25 with 350% no lag, all the players tell me this is the smoothest server they have ever played on. AND, within the first 10 hours of opening Donations, I’ve raised 90% of 1 month’s server cost.

Pozo: Again thank you so much for all the help. Jest Servers has amazing customer service and value! Very pleased!

sven2157: roger, and thank you a billion tie Kevin! You and your company are GOLD! Who cares, that fact that I can get with you in X-Fire, or you on our TS, is AWSOME!

“Can I just point out that this is just one reason why I’ve been feeling great all day. You folks are working so hard for my itty bitty Minecraft server! I think it’s only fair to tell you that I ordered the server after reading that the gaming blog, Rock Paper Shotgun, did the same from you. It was an awesome idea! I can’t wait to host more stuff with you down the line! Thank you, Josh”

BG-Beckwith[USSOCOM]: never been better, servers run super smooth

“Dear Jest, Thank you so much. I’m sorry I waste your time with my noobery. I’m just learning and you’ve been so helpful. Sincerely, Robb”

esredruml: youre my fav host ever jest: Thanks :) esredruml: great servers esredruml: and unmatched customer service

Chris: Thanks for fixxing it and Im loving the speed of your support!

Ron: yea…we get good turnout on the server…thanks so much for ur help and diligence getting things up and running smoothly…your customer service is above any ive ever seen and you are the 4th or 5th provider we have tried…in fact i am having issues with my other server thru [Popular GSP]…if it dont get fixed soon…we may have a 2nd server thru you soon….thx again!

Obesity: Thanks again! You’re actually the best company I’ve been with ever since about half way through 08 :)

Brohemoth: I’ve personally rented a server from him recently and all I can say is that its quite amazing. No lag whatsoever and setup for it was really quite easy. One of the thing that really shines apart from the amazing server quality is the quality of his personal service and support. He always responded within an hour and was always quite friendly and helpful and knew what exactly to do. Hell he even managed to setup my server by phone while his internet was temporarily down. 11/10

Husker: I went with another GSP before coming here. You blow those guys out of the water in customer support. Thx for you quick response on issues. You have the best customer support out there!

dustoff258: Thanks . server is running great and the ts server is awsome too

=SF= Clowns2: Just some positive feed back for ya. All is going VERY smooth w/ the box. Arma2/OA is running perfect. Keep up the great work, and thank you.

Leo: Not to mention I will recommend you, you have great customer service man. I enjoyed my time with Jestservers. =)

.sT?.Prophet1990 [KoD]: btw just want to say thanks youre servers are by far the best iv come across and youre very very help full! will definity be re upping in 3moths or so

Bryan S: Thank you for all the hard work…Really makes me glad that I chose Jest Servers as our GSP.

“Well, that does it. You fixed my problem for me! Thank you so much. You’ve got a customer who’s sticking around over here for years to come. Thanks again for the wonderful service. Truely surprising to have gotten a solution so quickly. -Zephic”

Thanks! You guys got a great operation going on here. Wonderful customer support. Many thanks -Zaroth

“Kevin, Just wanted to drop a quick line to say thanks for all your hard work on the Vegas 2 server. It rocks. I will spread the word about your company! Randy aka NarcSgt”

phoenixnewb: I’m Never leaving Jest Servers.. IF I’m Not broke.. lol :P

“THIS IS THE BEST SERVICE I HAVE EVER SEEN! You Guys Are Amazing. Phoenix a.k.a Amshan”

[HGH]Nate: “Quite Simply Unbelievable!!!”

(TGZ)Vengeance: U are so helping mate and a cool person !

MDodge: Thanks! Its safe to say I’m very impressed with this hosting. 1,000 percent better than my last. Great job.

[uec]357SIG: Seriously, you’re the first person I ask about anything datacenter related. XD [uec]357SIG: It’s much nicer to be able to actually converse with you and such instead of going to the customer service brick wall.

sven2157: That’s awsome to know! I really think the extra couple dollars and loss of 50 slots on TS, is worth the next to imediate response with Customer Support! Cheers! I am SOOO happy about that, that I’ll advertise on our game server for you!

WalkOver: so kind of u WalkOver: tnx again WalkOver: :)

gdc123: yeah i get a damn good ping to it. and the lagometer is always flatlined

-=Saunders=-[420]: its works thanks you thanks you sir -=Saunders=-[420]: i am very happy now

Heidi: Thank you for your excellent service! Thanks. Impressed so far. Good to see an owner working directly with customers.

Skylab: I know I’d say this sooner or later but I can’t hold it in any longer…you friggin’ rock…marry me?

CE|Poppinaclip: just wanted to say i love your servers :)

xpguydude: rofl ok bud!! well you will always get my service inthe future for now on!! Why Cuz U Da Man Take care and thanks again. You are the best company for a game server I have already recomended your company to a few people so. Thats for your great tech support Cya ;)

=SF= Clowns2: U can bet I am going to advertise for you.

HAB: I know I have been very happy with you and everything you have done for me so far

BG: The css servers are GREAT! They’re better than [edited] (Had them for 4 months). I was the one, but I’m going to buy a GMod server soon once I get money. Thanks for the excellent service and servers!

}R{Reptile}L{: you’re very awesome jest :) and your welcome

Samuel: The pings were good and your support is amazing. I have made the right choice.

djames0706: Hey djames0706: The server is running great thanks for your great service

Bobbitt[75thRET]: thx a lot ur service is much appreciated Bobbitt[75thRET]: definely reccomend you

Anders: I’m very impressed and judging by what everyone, and I mean everyone, I’ve spoken to has said about JestServers, I’m not the only one who’s glad you’re a server provider. Keep up the good work and thanks a lot!

lindsayleblanc: service has been great!

CPT Carter [20th SFG]: awesome. i just wanted to let you know, again, your servers are freaking awesome man. i have witnessed ours crash only once. and it came right back.

[Angelo]: your servers are great man

Lightrend: (: . I wish you good luck mate,you do this job properly and are very good at it.Best of luck :)

cowboyupordown: oh to let you know our server is running great. even our guys from europe have mentioned ours has a bettter reg than theirs in the uk

KIRE-1: the server is great btw KIRE-1: whoever is running the company KIRE-1: props to that person jdubya:

mTi | KaiZe|2: hahaha mTi | KaiZe|2: dude ur amazing mTi | KaiZe|2: i swear mTi | KaiZe|2: !!!

[6:03:29 PM] Spirit: jest the pings are super man.

cowboyupordown: you a cool guy and you keep to your business i will never leave because you actually help

“O|R_WARBLADE: thank you very much :) again you prove yourself to be the better choice in host..”

“Btw bro, I just wanted to say thanks and even before I’ve even seen how the servers run, you’ve definitely got the best customer service I’ve seen. I was honestly expecting a day or two before I got a reply back (like with [previous provider]). ” -Matthew

|ES|REDRUM: we are very happy :) Jest: really :D ? |ES|REDRUM: mhm |ES|REDRUM: server has been packed all nite”

“Just wanted to shoot you an email an let you know I have been getting feedback from guildies all day, and the server is running fantastically. No lag, no hiccups. Thanks again.” -Jim

suspect7: the support is epic

“Yep :) It is the #1 PvP server for ArmA2 in NA. Having said that, only on the weekends we have above 30 people online, usually in the week it is between 15 and 25 peak, and people play almost exclusively in the evenings – ArmA2 players tend to be a little older and have a job and/or family. The [ArmA2] server runs AWESOME. No lag, no crash, the FPS stayed above 35 even on the most heavy missions. PERFECT ! Great job !! Best, qwertz”

orikonownsu: This server is awesome! Thanks Jest :D djjest: Awesome :D orikonownsu: Yeah! Everything works perfectly.

|ES|Toresho|T|: just wanted to toss in my two cents and say thanks for the cod4 server

bladebarrier- “More businesses should have your level of customer service skills. It’s a dying practice. Thanks again.” “Cheers. Thanks again for the help. I’ll be sure to pass the word along about your excellent support!”

-=|PL|=-HDPT: owowoowowow -=|PL|=-HDPT: xD ty man -=|PL|=-HDPT: :D

Nate Fish: Awesome man, thanks a lot. You are the best game server host out there! :)

DemonSeed: yeah i think so :P jestservers: Cool good to hear man glad you’re happy :) DemonSeed: yeah its pretty sweet so far :D

“Jestservers has been instrumental in providing extremely high quality services at low prices to Negative Energy. Without them there would be no way to provide our great teams with the amazing servers, ventrilo, and even this very website. Thank you Jest!” -Negative Energy

[2:21:43 AM] Spirit: and i think i would get nowhere else this support on getting it to work [2:21:51 AM] :D

natefish225: btw, thanks for everything. it’s great to actually talk to the guy who’s hosting your server. :) much better than other places i’ve been.

RodderS says:Been running my cod4 servers through Jestservers now for almost 3 months. I used to have another host but due to server lags a friend recommended to go ‘Jest’. I gave it a shot and i now have a 64 slot server running 24/7 with virtually zero lag!!Don’t get me started on the pricing..almost 20% lower than the competition!

john “yall are so legit =)”

molina007: muchas gracias djjest: de nada :D molina007: eres muy amable :D

Capt. Alderman [3rd MD]: Thanks for the great service.

[]mywifeispist: Pass on to Kevin that he did a fantastic job of duplicating the Match Server and editing the cmd line. It automatically started streaming to pbbans and I only had to change the IP with punksbusted to get it streaming once they updated our info.

PaulWE “I would like to thank you very much for your hard work in getting us the system. It works GREAT!!”

furocious29: Awesome furocious29: It’s AWESOME XD

uecxcoffee: fantastic customer service by the way

warreaper23: Kevin if you need anyone to vouche for your servivces I will Jestservers: <3 warreaper23: Honestly I enjoy your services the servers are perfect your a greatful hoster to speak to warreaper23: Understanding. Honestly I will be continuing with your services every time I need a server. warreaper23: :D

Gstate “Thanks so much for helping me with the Server…Again Thank You for everything you do!”

mywifeispist: thanks man mywifeispist: its smoooth

“Hey Kevin, Your servers are the best thanks for asking.” Matt

“I’m also a happy customer and I agree with what you say. Customer service from Kevin is excellent and prompt!” -Mosh

“”I just wanted to throw a thank you out to everyone who populated our server last nite/early this morning. I explained that the server was running in a odd config just to get it running while we all waited for a proper server patch from BI. The server ran awesome for nearly 5 hours at max capacity and then I think we suffered a massive memory leak issue. Most everyone remained civil, THANK YOU. The others that whined, well….they’re probably never happy. I also want to thank my server provider whose efforts made it possible for us to even have the ability to play while 99% of the servers were down. has by far the best customer service I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Kevin, the owner, bends over backwards to make his customers happy. He spent several hours getting his customers running last nite and was up past 4 am this morning helping us keep our servers up and waiting on a server patch. I dare you to show me better service/support. I think everyone who runs a dedicated server owes it to themselves to check out. ****Thanks Kevin**** Once again thank you and you are always welcome at Team ToasT!” -Shinmen “

Brunne: Nothing but good news from the players =) thanks for the help.

Cyber_Punk: for sure I would recommend you as a host <3

KLDzzz: wheres my testimony D: KLDzzz: KLDzzz: anyhow KLDzzz: thanks KLDzzz: much appreciated which testimony :D? KLDzzz: i dont know KLDzzz: my in general love KLDzzz: for your game servers

MAJ Larson [20th SFG]: server ran great last night for the match we had

TAW_Liability: great server, London, UK 120 ping to it TAW_Liability: woohoo TAW_Liability: another from Holland was gettign 130-140 TAW_Liability: very much playable

Sgt. Burton [11thMEU]: Hey just wanted to say the server runs great! Awesome :D

shinmen: yup still tinkering ;) shinmen: server is running great so far good to hear shinmen: thx for your help, btw, hands down best cs anywhere ;)

Mihai A. – DirtyDsx: btw server is great Mihai A. – DirtyDsx: customer shouldnt be a problem Jest: good good :) Mihai A. – DirtyDsx: first server thats a true 100 tick Mihai A. – DirtyDsx: since a while

|GsX| GrimReaper: thanks again man, you won’t regret this

Cooliodude: I’ll test it out. cooliodude207 is now playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Multiplayer how is it? Cooliodude: Amazing.

[TS]Kaddict_qc: your service is just great and the price is right :)

mad seeg: server owns! mad seeg: thanks jest mad seeg: :D Jest: sweet dude Jest: performance rockin? and ping mad seeg: yeah mad seeg: its goooood mad seeg: performs quite well

.cC|WesternFive.: Thanks dude! You’re a great server provider! Jest: Thanks! Hope to see ya around :) .cC|WesternFive.: =D

It’s been a pleasure to buy this. Great price, great service, great ping, and THERE IS NO WOMEN WITH HEADSET IMAGE. That rocks :) I would like a teamspeak being set up too, and I will send another payment… will try the services for a month then will pay for a couple months in advance. We also may buy two L4D servers. Thanks Paul (Developer of Goldeneye Source :) )

MaJoR: oh, and BTW: 8:48 PM – [GE:S Dev] Killer Monkey: it was smooth as butter on yours 8:48 PM – [GE:S Dev] Killer Monkey: I was setting all sorts of settings8:48 PM – [GE:S Dev] Killer Monkey: and it was solid. Server worked like a dream I’ll treat ya the best I can Lycosa: alright Lycosa: you’ve always been a nice person lmao <3 Lycosa: lol

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