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June 22nd, 2010

Jest Blog June 22nd 2010

Well, I bought Mass Effect 2 when it was on sale Sunday.  It’s been hard to stop playing it and focus on work :) I never played the original Mass Effect, but from all the reviews it looks like I’ll need to play it as well.

Spoiler ahead?

Seems sort of dumb of me to play Mass Effect 2 without first playing Mass Effect 1, as a lot of the story sort of loses it’s nostalgia powers.  Oh they named their 2nd ship the normandy, like the first one, ok.

I’m sure if I had played the first one it would be more touching.

Aside from that, Lead and Gold, after months of promising dedicated servers, has finally delivered.

I’m happy with the fact that they trimmed down the size of the install a bit, but it requires the servers to install some extra drivers that really should only be on desktop systems.

The real problem I have, is even with 0 people on the server, it uses up 100% of a core.  Hopefully a bug, I can’t see why it would use so much.  This has pretty much made it un-hostable unless someone wanted to rent the dedicated core package.

Oh well, maybe they’ll fix it.  I’m gonna grab me some chips and queso.

Jest Out!


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