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January 23rd, 2010
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Ventrilo servers on sale.

The premier VOIP application for any serious gamer or IRC singer. We offer a pretty competitive package, so if you’re going to order a game server, it would be a good idea picking up a voice server to go along with it. Gone are the days of duct-taping a phone around your head when playing multiplayer.

Our Ventrilo package includes:

  • Instant automated setup.
  • All codecs
  • Full featured web-based control panel.
  • 21 Locations to choose from (the standards like Dallas, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles are available, as well Tampa, Seattle, Toronto, London, Montreal, Frankfurt
    Atlanta, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Singapore, Dublin, Ashburn, Tel Aviv, Paris, Poland, Sweden, Norway)

Each slot:

  • $0.30 monthly,
  • $0.29 quarterly
  • $0.28 semi-annually.


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