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December 29th, 2016

Rent ARMA 3, 2, OA/CO Server Package.

Still offering the best prices and performance in the industry on ArmA3, ArmA2, Operation Arrowhead, Combined Operations and more.

If you’re paying anyone else for one of these and not getting the performance you want, you are paying too much. Seriously.
You can switch between these at any time: ArmA3, OA, OA+A2 Combined Operations(As well as legacy branches and older versions), all DLC available, ArmA2(Free or Retail).  For ArmA3 we also have Dwarden’s Performance Binaries as an optional one click install that generally double server FPS with no additional settings.
ArmA 1: Combat Operations is also available.

MSO, PDB, ArmA2NET available at no charge when using your own remote mysql.  Local Mysql setup can be ordered as well which we will set up for you and get working the way you want.
BigBrotherBot available,

BEC is available.

Private Hive for Dayz Mod is available, so you can password protect your server, kick and ban, change settings and more.
All Dayz maps available.

Official Dayz Mod supported for approved servers, get approved here:

Headless Clients are available for offloading AI processing to additional cores as well.
Manage your own ArmA2 or ArmA3 server, but hosted elsewhere and want to take advantage of Headless Clients? Contact us for a quote for large orders or directly order it from our Product list, it is automatically setup and ready to go after you pay for it.

Our standard ARMA(any version), Operation Arrowhead and Combined Arms package:

  • Comes with 10 slots – Extra slots for $1.50.
  • Outstanding performance running on dedicated servers with hardware selected for ArmA2(check our reviews online).
  • Public or Private.
  • AllInArmA support
  • Persistent mode included (full config file access, no restrictions)
  • Start server with any combination of DLC and addons/mods.
  • Optional automated ACE mod updater.
  • BERcon access ( ) available.
  • RPG Life, MSO, PDB, DayZ Private and more are available for persistent server saving.
  • Full FTP access and access to all files, upload your own mods and missions.
  • Command line access to add your own mods and settings, switch out mods and config files with a click.
  • Bandwidth settings, maps mods and more welcomed.
  • Able to load beta patches, or have beta updates automatically installed.

Our max performance dedicated setup ARMA(Any version):

  • Includes everything in the basic package plus…
  • Server-side mod updates available from web interface (SixUpdater).
  • 64 slots (public or private)
  • Additional slots for $1
  • Only one ArmA server is hosted on each dedicated server for max performance(prevents ArmA2’s numerous threads from overlapping on cores).
  • Dedicated CORE0 for AI, you won’t find a better performing server.
  • Dedicated AI Core with Turbo capability for best performance possible.
  • Start server in OA only or OA+A2 addons(Combined Arms) or A2 only.
  • All DLC available
  • AllInArmA support
  • RPG Life, MSO, PDB, DayZ Private and more are available for persistent server saving.
  • Full FTP access, Command line, access to all files, and default port.
  • Persistent mode included (full config file access)
  • BERcon ( ) optional
  • Optional automated ACE mod updater
  • Able to load beta patches listed or have them auto updated
  • You will be the only ArmA server on this hardware.

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Our Most Popular Package

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Visit the official TCAdmin website and give their demo a try and see how easy it will be to manage your servers here at

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  1. demy

    only see arma 2?

    • Jest

      When ordering, you can choose any version of ArmA you like.
      If it is not clear, let me know your suggestion on making it easier to find and I’ll change it.

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