June 10th, 2011

Rent Minecraft Dedicated Servers

Configure, Price and Order:

We host Minecraft Survival (SMP) as well as Minecraft Classic servers.
Our SMP servers can be configured to let java use between 1GB of ram to 30GB of ram(higher values are available just contact us for special pricing due to Economies of scale). Notch recommends 1GB at least for SMP servers, though it all depends on mods used, world, and player location on how many players can be on the server before stutter happens.
We generally see 30+ players per GB with CraftBukkit, multiworlds and many plugins.  If running a stock server, 1GB can provide a smooth playing experience for 30-60 players depending on world size and .
With the Mods package, You get one click update access to Recommended, Beta and Dev Craftbukkit builds as well as being able to request any other mod.
You can tweak your java settings, one click install mods such as Tekkit, and use your license of mcmyadmin for a few examples.

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Default options available(We can provide for any option over 1GB, just contact us for a low priced quote):
Dedicated 1024MB of Ram for your Minecraft server. -Xmx1024M
Dedicated 2048MB of Ram for your Minecraft server. -Xmx2048M
And so on up to 30GB(Higher available by contacting us).

Automated! Your server starts to install the moment you pay for it and is online in under 10 minutes.
One click installs for mods like CraftBukkit, Tekkit, Runecraft, Remotetoolkit, TerrainMods, Buildcraft, RedPower2, ModLoaderMP and many more.

Automated daily cartograph map generation, daily backup, as well as manual backups are included.
Stream live chat logs and server messages via TCAdmin log streamer. Kick, ban, admin, save, create kits and more in game.
Automatic crash recovery.  TCAdmin is included at no additional cost(FAQ).
Reset or upload your own world via FTP as well as download. Web Control panel to change settings.


How long until my server is online and I can use and control it?
Once you pay for your server, it will be online in under 10 minutes as our install system is automated.

I currently have a world from my own server or one I downloaded, can I use it?
Yes, you can upload your own custom worlds to the server and use them at any time, or get us to help you if you need it.

Do I have to worry about my files being lost or my world being destroyed?
Our servers run on Raid 1 with enterprise level hardware, since 2006 we have not had a reported corruption issue.
About the only thing that will destroy your world is creepers and griefers(Plugins and Whitelist works great versus those).

I want to run x,y,z mod and a,b,c plugin.
When you get your server, most Mods will be available via a one click install menu.  If you don’t see something you want, put in a support ticket and we’ll get to work on it.
Plugins can be uploaded via FTP or web based File Manager, with technicians available if you need any help.

Can I download a backup for my world?
You can at any time, you have full FTP access to your world.  You can also zip it up on the server and download it, savings hours of time!

What is downtime like?
The datacenters we have our servers located at advertise 100% network availability and our hardware is up 99.9% of the time or more.
For 2010 and 2011 our actual up-time in most locations was 100%, the rest was 99.99% or better.

What if I don’t want to keep my server or I don’t like the service?
We don’t do any fine print or contracts, you can cancel at any time, and be refunded for any remaining time left for the period you paid for.  Pro-rated refunds require that you use Paypal, or can accept Paypal. JestServers is the only game server provider with this quality assurance that we or other clients have found. If you no longer want the service, we will help you the best we can instead of trying to force you to stay.



  1. We use this for our Minecraft server now – excellent service and it did not take long to setup.
    The small issues I experienced, got fixed real fast by Kevin at Jestservers.
    And it supports the important mods we require – and even updating the server software is easy as 1,2,3.

    I’m satisfied with this product!

    • Bonemonster

      How many players do you have and which server? We have about 32 players (not on all at once, most we’ve ever had is probly about 10-12) and we are looking at the cheaper server.

      Think that’s good for us? Our world can get pretty big though. Not big at the moment, but there is a lot of building/mining going on.

      • Well, we have more than 100 approved players – this server should be able to hold the max at 24 players online at the same time without a problem.

  2. Dramakus

    Do these servers support Classic servers as well?

  3. Jest

    Yes we can also setup classic servers, please contact us on the Contact tab at the top of this website and we’ll get you setup.

  4. Do you have a clan-pay system so that other members of a clan can help pay for the server?

  5. Jest

    Yes we have a clan pay system via our billing system.

  6. Adam

    Service has been amazing so far. The server was up and I was on it digging away within about 10 minutes of playing with it. No lag what-so-ever, even though the server is in Paris and I’m in the UK.

    I would like to find out if I can put anti-grief mods on it though, and possibly a worldeidtor?



  7. aetherian

    how many megabytes would be needed for a small-ish potentually spread out 5-6 player server?

  8. Great service here
    Love hosting my server with jest

    Fast response and very very helpful

  9. MAK

    Hey I am looking to be renting a server for 5 – 15 people.
    I was wondering if these servers are up would this use my download limit, (other then downloading backups and playing on it)?
    Is it possible to make the server only open to certain users?
    I will probably have more questions later,
    Thanks in advance.

  10. Excellent service with Jest Servers for a few months now. If anyone is looking for a reliable, powerful and customer friendly hoster… you have just found it!

  11. You can whitelist the server (add your friends to a text file) and only they can join.

  12. Djcoolmac

    Is it possible to get a 10-20 player craftbukkit server with about 20 plugins, with no lag and all players on at the same time?

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