January 1st, 2011

Mount and Blade Servers

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  1. Paladin

    Wanted to request the return of a CONQUEST Warband Server. You had one I played on before and it was some of the best action yet. DMs get pretty tired. Thanks!

  2. Tiran

    Please, tell me, are there any servers located near to Moscow or Saint-Petersburg (Russia)? Where are located the nearest servers?

  3. Jest

    Soon we should have a Russia based Dedicated Server. We’re just working on finding a reliable provider.

  4. Splendid

    Will there be any servers in east europe, close to the middle east?
    If there is, i will purchase one.

  5. do you do aus server’s for mount and blade if not do you know of another host in australia i can contact.

    • Jest

      We don’t have any Australian servers, but we are always looking to expand when possible.
      I don’t have any recommendations for Warband Aus servers.

  6. meep

    anyone know if these servers are capable running cRPG?

    • Jest

      cRPG is supported and we have some clients running it currently.

      • Richard Rahl

        do you know if you could get someone to clean out some of the un-used channels on that server, there is alot of used up space for nothing…

  7. jasper

    i have question
    i want to by a server, but i don t know if my ping under 60

    i am from german

  8. Peter

    I’ve got a question.
    I want to run server with special “Grunwald” mod. What do I have to do to run server with it?
    I’m from Poland, please reply fast (I need it today,7 PM! )

  9. failureofhddvd

    I miss the old days!

    Glad to see this business growing!!!

  10. Renon

    Hey man!
    Can I on your server run any other mods?
    Example: I want to play The Deluge with my friends, but tommorow we will be play Full Invasion. This is possible?
    And if it is, can we upload our mods, or there are only this mods, what you have?

  11. Mathias

    Where is the in-game admin panel for M&B F&S

  12. Robert

    I want a Mount and Blade server to run the mods Anglo-Zulu, North and South, and the future Iron Europe mod. Would I be able to run these mods off a server, and how easy is it to switch, if at all possible, between mods on a server

    • Jest

      You can run those mods.
      We have one click installs and switch for North and South already, we can add the other two as well(and you can always upload them over FTP too).

      You can have several command lines, so you can one click change mods(very nice to have!)

  13. Thomas

    Does this run well on the east coast? I’m thinking heavily about purchasing if I can get good ping on it. And do we get to change the name in case we want it to be a clan server?

  14. Fail

    do u have mount and blade warband Napoleonic war servers?

  15. We have a warband/ NW server here with jest and i gotta say best service i had so far!
    easy switching locations to europe and north america for example.

    upload a mod with a click of a mouse button

    upload your own mod with a few clicks more :)

  16. 1.00 a slot? that sounds somewhat expensive :/ is there a reason why yours is so must more than others?

    • Jest

      First, we use every possible premium bandwidth provider in each of our locations, with intelligent routing to determine the optimal location for each client connected.
      Second, we underload all of our servers, instead of oversell them. This results in consistent performance as you never have to worry about fighting for resources.
      We’re here long term, about to enter our 8th year of hosting. We have multiple protections in place to ensure we’ll be hosting your server until you cancel it.
      You can also save 20% paying Quarterly, and we have progressive discount specials for those who order more than one server, or servers over 90 slots.

      Many more reasons are explained here:

      We also support more mods, features and wrappers for Warband than anyone else I know of.

  17. Jack

    I hope you reply with speed do your servers have a command panel to like change modules etc. if not what is it and how easy are they to use?

    • Jest

      Yes, we use TCAdmin and have many modules that are one click installs.
      You can also install your own using FTP or File Manager and edit the command line as needed.
      We can also assist you with any module you have a problem with.

  18. Jack

    Do you intend to update your servers to the latest version of Napoleonic Wars? As a new update for the mode has come out.

    • Jest

      Yes, we have it available in the standard installation, as well as a Game Update since it was released.

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