January 1st, 2010

Reseller, Affiliate, and Organization programs

Affiliate Program (no cost) Tired of sponsors randomly shutting down on you? Want to pick up some extra services or money? Take the easy route and become a commission based affiliate. All you have to do is find a customer that needs a server. When they order a server and put your name in the “notes” section or click on your affiliate banner, you get 50% of their first month in credit/money after 90 days. You will be credited for a purchase even if they don’t put you in the notes section or click your banner, as long as they say that they were sent to by you! You can use this credit on any of our services, or if you have a current service with us we can pay you via Paypal as well.

Reseller Program Want to make some more money?  Want to start your own GSP with little to no risk?  Want to own a lot of servers for no reason other than owning a lot of servers? Reselling might be for you! As a Reseller, you find the customers and provide the first defense line on support.  I provide the quality servers and secondary support.  Simply order a server and click the “Apply as Affiliate” in the billing panel once you order your first server. How do you make money?  That is up to you! You can find people in need of a server and charge them what you feel like charging.  Maybe provide additional support or custom mod and script support for an additional fee, it’s up to you.  Depending on support time used, type and size of games, you’ll begin to earn discounts.  The more you grow the larger your discount which will grow your profit margin. Have any questions about it? Send me an email at the Contact page.

Organizations and Clans

If you are an Organization or Clan we can work out special deals with large orders in exchange for linking to us.  This generally means at least 5 game servers depending on the game or games, please contact us first. With large orders we can usually throw in a free server or two as long as you keep the servers.  Why do we do this?  It works out best for both you and us.  You get all of your servers at one site, with one control panel, and we can even make it all on the same billing date.  For us, large Clan and Organizations usually know how to run their servers as that’s what they do.  This means less support needed from us :) .  Bulk orders are easier to deal with for us as well.  If you’re interested in saving some money contact us!

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  1. Clowns2

    We have been with Jestservers for a couple of years now. Outstanding servers. We couldn’t ask for better service. Fast, reliable, and no hassles.

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