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January 24th, 2010

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Here are some official reviews:

on November 3, 2010 Kyxoan of Posted:

“Just want to say… I played on several servers that worked okay in terms of lag and downtime, some better than others, but I left my last server due to some differences with the administration and some serious lag. When I was contemplating leaving, I looked all over the web for providers that would make running a MC server easy while still having a well built server. I found some places, emailed them, no response really, no way to live chat to them, and many of the prices seemed high. I found Jestservers via some post on this forum, checked it out and it looked professional, found a contact us page with EVERY messaging service known, (I use AIM) sent an IM and instantly got a response, discussed stuff for an hour or more, it was suggested I start out with the smallest package, but due to the pro-rated refunds (you will be refunded for any time you don’t use on your bill) I figured I may as well go with what I want, I got the best server possible from the packages, and I love it. It is a bit pricey for a rented server, but that is minecraft for you, and has such good customer support, it is more than worth it. Any time you have a problem, help is just an IM (or TCadmin ticket) away. I love when you can actually communicate with the perosn you are paying for a service, and they do this very well!

Setup is done in minutes, almost 0 lag ever on the server. Easy to restart / stop the server via tcadmin, and tcadmin allows you the ability to assign moderators the ability to restart the server without having access to anything else. Plugins are really 1 click away, and any plugin you want added to the list is usually done within minutes

I could not imagine going anywhere else. My server is constantly at 25+ people and we never have any lag. FTW!”

on April 19, 2010 USSOCOM of ArmA2 Posted:

JestServers is the best damn host there is. He is extremely fair price wise, being that he is better price wise compared to any other host out there. I talk to Jest himself on XFire almost once a week and he contacts me asking how things are going. If there is any issue, he is on top of it within mins or within an hour. You can email him, put a ticket in or contact him on XFire and he will be on it as soon as he gets the message. If there is any sort of issue with the server, he will try to do everything he can to find out what the problem is. He has spent so many hours working with me trying to figure out the problems with our server when we first had it and it was always crashing. I have been with about 10 different hosting companies in the past and I can honestly say that there is absolutely NOTHING bad about JestServers.
He set up ACE so it updates on its own every 2 days and if there is a hotfix with ACE, I can go in and update it, but normally I contact him, because I end up breaking it some how. He gets on it very soon and its great.
As for Price, we pay $89 dollars for our 64 slot public server and $42 for a 14 slot server. Now, any server that is ArmA2 that is over 32 slots is on a box all by it self. Our 64 slot server is on a server all by itself and we never get any sort of lag. He also has servers in the US and Europe. This is by far the best and most fair host provider I have ever had and I could never ask for anyone better. I suggest him to everyone and I will never go to another host as long as JestServers is around.
Brigadier General Beckwith

Golden Eye Source, who since Beta 3 has carried GoldenEye: Source in their server package, is continuing to expand their support with a pledge of some official GES servers across many locations during the launch period of Beta 4. Their rent option is exciting for dedicated players/communities, giving the ability to rent GoldenEye: Source mod servers themselves for fair prices per slot!

on December 16, 2009 at 8:50 pm, alex katayama wrote:

jestservers runs counter to the rest of the industry. this is a guy who runs a gameserver company because he LOVES to do it. that’s why there’s such a fanatical loyalty and such high ratings from all the reviewers here.

i’ve been with kevin (aka jestservers) for… god knows how long now. over two years, at least. met him through a personal acquaintance, back when he just had one box in dallas, and was working his way up the aggressive world of game server hosting. didn’t think about it much at the time, nor could i predict the friendship that would develop over the years, watching him expand to chicago and then internationally.

in my time with jestservers, my team and i have had other offers of sponsorship (art of war, leetservers, and nationvoice) to name a few, but as i got to know kevin, i knew that i had a good thing going with him and his startup. i’ve always been a big believer in loyalty, and knowing that this guy was always around when i needed him made a decision to stay with jestservers pretty easy.

the first thing you’ll notice — and it’s been mentioned plenty in the reviews here — is that he develops a relationship with all his customers. the single biggest difference between jestservers and almost every other gameserver provider out there is that you deal with the guy who owns the company and pulls all the strings to get your issue sorted out as quickly as possible. this guy will literally sit in front of his computer with you and help you every step of the way to iron out any issues that you may have, and will bend over backwards to make sure when everything’s all said and done, you’ll be happy. when you purchase a jestserver, you buy into a well-connected, knowledgeable customer base that helps each other solve problems.

if you’re in the market for a gameserver of any type (the guy will literally install almost anything you can even think of), make sure is on your list of companies to check out. you won’t be disappointed. and at the prices he offers, it would be stupid to go with any other company.

our servers hosted by (please join them and test out the performance, registration, and ping. you will be impressed.)

24/7 dust2: connect
left4dead: connect

feel free to contact me directly at my team’s website: if you have any other questions.

on February 27th 2010, Capt. Alderman wrote:

In the summer of 2002, I and two others began over a half year process to start a tactical realism gaming unit. On March 7th, 2003, the 3rd Marine Division – Tactical Realism Unit was officially activated and started its history in the Forgotten Hope Mod for Battlefield 1942.

The unit spent just over 2 years in the community, but after its quick collapse the unit moved to games in the HL2: Source platform waiting for the release of Resistance & Liberation Mod which we expected in 2006. The mod was not released until 2009 and is still in alpha/beta. In 2007 the unit found another game that fit our vision of tactical realism (though on a smaller scale) through the Insurgency (Modern Infantry Combat) Mod.

In additional to being a Military Police Officer currently with the Army National Guard, I was also involved in business. I was the owner of Realism Servers (, and company I still legally own, but have shut down. I gained much experience in game server hosting which developed off my initial experience in computer networking. Since 2002 I was renting servers up until early 2008 with Game Servers (formally Clan Servers).

While I had decent service due to my long history with the company and connection to the veteran techs, things slowly but surely got worse, and after getting my company somewhat off the ground we had the 3rd Marine Division host its servers with me. My vision for was to provide servers primarily to the community with someone who had a focus on tactical realism gaming in various games, but also for any other individuals seeking a more personal connection to their provider. That is what I offered and was dedicated to provide.

Eventually I decided to get out of the business after some personal life changes and my assessment of my direction in business. After doing so I went back for a short time to Game Servers, but after our move to ArmA2, and reference pointing me to Jest Servers, I moved my services to them in September of 2009.

I now run a successful business development company where I work with business owners and entrepreneurs, mostly in the area ecommerce. I also am engaged in online consumer retail and affiliate business contracts. In addition as noted earlier I also serve as a Military Police Officer in the Army National Guard, and actively engage in the Guard Recruiting Assistance Program.

Much of this experience of understanding business, and my real life association with successful business owners has allow not only my business to be successful, and people I help be successful, it has most importantly allowed me the ability to truly understand that the business which will succeed in the end, is based upon its ability to service its clients, and build a client base it can retain. While and even my previous company are not able to bring in the crowds, we will and currently see a slow growth, but what is important is that Jest Servers will keep many more customers, who are very satisfied with the servers, and the ability to work out problems when they arise.

Jest Servers is truly dedicated its customers and Kevin (the owner) has the ability of looking into the future, and has the patience for true success and a fine reputation of integrity, respect, and dedication. This is why I will remain a loyal, level headed and understanding customer. While sometimes we have problems, what matters most to be is that the service is better than most, at a very fair price, and I know I have someone who is always ready and willing to work to address issues. I respect someone who is willing to accept mistakes, and work to expand their knowledge and always provide better support the next time around.

What people want in business these days, is what this country had many years ago, and that was a personal but professional relationship with someone they do business with, instead of just being another face and number.

Captain Michael Alderman
Commanding Officer
Alpha Company
1st Battalion / 3rd Marines
3rd Marine Division

on October 23, 2009 at 4:14 pm, Pyromancer wrote:

Jest has been great at helping me with modifications and working with me live to fine tune my ArmA2 server. I’ve never had this type of support before, it’s like having a friend work with you. The control panel I use is TCAdmin and I’ve gotten jest to add lots of custom commands for me that my last host would not allow. Pricing is also amazing, send him an email and ask for specials.

on January 18, 2010 at 11:23 pm, Dakota wrote:


I currently have 2 (64 slot servers from jest. I cant tell you anything bad.They don’t lag + i got Big brother bot!! (Only few hosts offer it) He is the best game-server provider ever. He does neat stuff like save you money! So why break your wallet go here for deals!! Also Both of my servers haven’t gone down for 7 months and they are ranked high!!

Thank you so much jest :D



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