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March 21st, 2009

Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy:

We only require a valid email contact and your first and last name.  All other information is optional on our side.  Payments done via Paypal follows their Privacy Policy as no information is stored on our servers.  The same for Google Checkout and Alertpay.  Payments done via “Secure Credit Card” follow the respective card’s Privacy policy.  We do not use your information in any way or sell it.  It is simply to keep track of your payments.
We also protect your information with 256 bit High-grade Encryption (https) on our ordering page.

Return Policy:

When paying monthly, you can request a refund at any time and receive a pro rated refund for the time you have not used.  You only pay for how long you have had the server.  With Quarterly and Semi-Annual payments you have 24 hours to request a full refund.  After that, there will be a pro-rated refund and a 25% charge.  So on day 45 of your Quarterly payment of $100, you would first pro-rate it to $50 since half of the time has been used, then take off 25% of that, for a total refund of $37.50.  I have not seen a better refund policy than this with any other major game server provider.  If you do, let me know.  If you no longer want your server and don’t care for a refund, simply cancel your subscription with Paypal if you made one.  If you made a one time payment, nothing else needs to be done.  After 7 days of non payment your account will be suspended, then 30 days the account will be terminated.

Terms and Conditions:

Your game/voice server most likely has FTP access.  Do not use it to store illegal files or store non game related files on it.  If caught with illegal files, they will be deleted, you will be sent an email notifying you and the correct authorities will be contacted(We must do this to protect our other customers and ourselves as well).  We promise to provide at least 99% hardware and network up-time on our system(it’s usually 99.99%).  This does not include downtime from stopping your server, faulty coding with the game server, downtime from patches, or dos attacks and exploits(things beyond our control for the most part). If Non game related files that can be of no use in any way to the game server are found you will be sent an email to remove them.  After 24 hours they will be deleted.  The rest is all standard Terms and Conditions, use common sense and don’t try to disrupt the service of others.

Business Information:

kevin [at ]

We do not post additional business information at this time as web bots were sending us too much junk mail and robocalling.


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