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January 18th, 2010

Thank you blog post.

Hello, this is Kevin(Jest).

The following is good news, no drama, just a thank you and blog post :) .

JestServers is doing well and has become what I have always wanted it to be.

We (Myself, helpers, onsite techs, volunteers) put Quality and Happiness over everything else.  JestServers hosted its first server in 2005, and has grown from a single server in Dallas to 10 locations with multiple servers using this model.

JestServers operated at a loss until 2010, building up capital(server hardware) and learning from mistakes for nearly 5 years.  Hopefully the dedication is appreciated, and seems to finally be paying off(this is my only job as of 2010).  I am very dedicated to my job, I have not gone 24 hours without working on JestServers since 2006.  This includes holidays and weekends :)

I have learned an amazing amount, learning from the issues that have happened, and constantly seeking innovation and better technology.

We have stayed a “small” company(LLC to be exact, I pay my taxes) as I did not want to become a large non personal business.  My parents both own their own small business based on honestly and kindness and I have followed in their footsteps, they are quite proud.

The adventure to this point has not been, and still is not easy.  I’ve formed a small bald spot since starting this company(I think it’s starting to grow back though, or I could just be optimistic, maybe I’ll post pictures) and have had a few stress related illnesses over the years.

Thanks to my friends, family and great customers I’ve been able to keep on with my dreams.

Hopefully if another GSP is reading this understand we’re not competitors, as most of our business comes from games that almost no on else hosts(some have less than a thousand active players), and the market share JestServers has is small for the games that other GSPs host.  We’ve personally helped clients start clans, clients start their own gaming organization and tournaments, and even their own GSP.  We don’t trash talk, if you find any online let me know and I’ll see to it be removed.  I personally haven’t used their service in a long time personally to properly give a review and I’m not one to say something negative anyway.  I have provided free advice to some customers who have used my business model or tips to start their own company and I’m happy in being able to help.

I guess the point of this was just to say thank you for choosing us, and thank you for giving me a job that I can feel accomplished in.


  1. Hi Kevin,

    I want to send a big thanks back – you have provided me with BRILLIANT service all way through. (Customer for about 7-8 months // Minecraft server).

    We have been through a rough time with Minecraft – every update was a nightmare for everyone, but you where always there to help when needed.
    I had the luxery of contacting you through Skype where we could bounce problems and solutions. Besides that your ticket system works great and swift.

    I’m a solo business owner myself and can confirm how attatched you get to your company – We are on and ready to work 24/7 and put in all the extra hours when needed.
    But vacation is so important to gain new energy and get those great new ideas – You need to find ways to do that :) Though, I understand it is hard to find the time when the company is sole dependant on you.
    We both ought to get a backup guy who can take over a week here and there – and let him contact us when there is something really urgent :)

    Thanks again – you are quite unique and wish you the best in the future

    Claus aka Wzarlon

  2. Mac

    Thanks are due to you, mate! My old clan in M&B Warband rented from you during the beta, and the service was great. Several clans still rent from you, and the service is -still- great. If/when I’m in need of a server, I know where to go and what to expect: Jest and the best.

  3. Jest

    Thanks :)

  4. Just paid for another 3 months of hosting for my mount and blade warband server ZHG TDM and it made me realise that you have hosted my server for 9 months to the day.

    Jest you have provided a wonderfully fast server and amazing support. From myself, my clan ZHG and all the people who play on ZHG TDM thank you for the absolutely brilliant service you provide.

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