January 24th, 2010
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Steam Powered.

Are you Steam Powered? We are. (Bad joke.)

Counter-Strike Source to GoldenEye, NeoTokyo to Garry’s Mod, Insurgency and Team Fortress 2 and HL2:DM and Left4Dead2…

You get the idea. We can provide servers for all Source engine games.

Oh, and Goldsrc engine games too… Team Fortess Classic, Counter-Strike 1.6… yeah, we’ll shut up now.

One click mod installs for most games, you can request a one click install for popular mods that support your game if we don’t have it.

Get started by browsing our shopping cart — and remember, if you see a game not listed, just request it.

Free Redirect Hosting with any server purchase that supports redirects.

Order any server that supports redirects and we’ll give you a free redirect ftp account.  Just email us after the purchase or put in a support ticket for the login information.

All servers are powered by TCAdmin.

As the leading admin management console, TCAdmin provides easy, intuitive controls to manage all your game servers here at TCAdmin was designed from the ground up to help today server admins complete control over their servers. With built in features for voice control, game control and a feature packed module, TCAdmin offers you total control over game and voice servers.

Visit the official TCAdmin website and give their demo a try and see how easy it will be to manage your servers here at

Have questions? Ask them here.

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