ClanPay Donator system

Please check the knowledge base for how to use the clan pay system.  I will also post it below.



Start by going to (here).

Login and click My Details, then click Add New Contact.

Fill in the information, everything can be fake information other than the email address.

Click Activate Sub-Account, create a password that you will put on forums/website/donators.

Check the box for View and Pay Invoices.  Click Invoice Emails under Email Preferences.  Click Save Changes.

Congratulations, you've setup your donator account.  This email address and password can not be changed by donators and all they can do is view invoices and pay them.

They can view previous invoices, so if that is a problem let me know.  If you have any personal information on your invoice that you do not want donators to see, feel free to put in fake information.


So how do they donate?  All they will do is login to with the donator account and on the right hand side click Add Funds.  They can donate $5 to $500.

It will create an invoice for this amount, so they need to click My Invoices, and then proceed to pay for the invoice either with Google Checkout/Paypal/Credit Card.

That's it.




Tuesday, April 20, 2010

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