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This is a list of some frequently asked questions regarding features we offer, many more are available and already included, but these are the most asked ones.

For servers that support Fast-Download / Redirect we now offer free FastDownload servers that are on a 1000mbit connection.  Just put in a support ticket on tcadmin and let me know if you'd like this.

We also have vanity URL/A Records(free) available for most game servers that support connection by IP address.  What this means is instead of connect, you would be able to put in connect clan.jestgameservers.com .  Easier to type and hopefully remember, also if you change locations(which are free) you won't have to change anything.  You can use the same url to connect regardless what location you are at.  If you'd like one for your server just put in a support ticket and let me know.  Once a name is taken it won't be available so first come first server...serve. We'll be adding new domain names if requested.

One Click mod installs(free). This lets you install mods with a couple clicks.  If you have a mod you'd like added to this, please let us know and we'll get this added to the Game Mods list.  This is also true for Map Packs and other large downloads. We can also install large zips or other files for you server side to save you time.

We've been hosting servers for over 9 years now in a professional environment and have learned a lot of tips and tricks.  Almost monthly we find something new to help shave a millisecond off ping, or speed up load times. We pro-actively seek out new technology, more advanced DDoS protection, and additional direct transit options for the best performance possible.

We're always ready to host new games.  If a game is not listed on our site, you can use the contact page to send us an email and request it, or order the "any game not listed" from the ordering panel.

Speaking of new games, if you find any new games that you think we don't know about, let us know!  If there is a demand for it and we sell servers for it thanks to your information, we will be sure to pay you back for it with credit or paypal :)

Server suspension/resume.  Even if you forget to pay, or don't want to pay for your server, we leave it in the system for a two months.  Just because your server got suspended from non-payment doesn't mean it is gone for good!  Simply pay the invoice and it should come right back online.  If you need to cancel a server let us know so we can free up the resources and close your account balance so you don't get invoice emails.

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

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