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Folder Cancel Server (1)
Instructions on how to cancel your server.
Folder Clan Pay / Donations / Add Funds (2)
How to use the Clan Pay / Donation system
Folder Features (7)
Other features such as timed restarts.
Folder Pay for Server (3)
How to pay for your services.
Folder ToS/Refund Policy (1)
Terms of Service and Refund Policy
Folder Upgrade or Downgrade Server (3)
How to change slots, request location moves, and change options.

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Article Clan Pay / Donators / Add Funds
Start by going to (here). Login and click My Details, then click Add New Contact. Fill in the information,...
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Article "Private" Vanilla Minecraft Server
Notch now includes a Whitelist feature that can be enabled using /whitelist on You can then use /whitelist add name to add users to the whitelist....
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Article How to cancel server.
The best way is to contact me through email or a support ticket saying you'd like to cancel your server, preferably with any reasons. You can also...
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Article Timed Restarts
Simply put in a ticket in TCAdmin for timed restarts. This can be as simple as, 5am every Weekday, restart my server.  It can also be a...
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Article How to Upgrade and Downgrade
Login at At the top, click on My Services. To the right of the service you want to make changes to, click on the...
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