How to cancel server.

The best way is to contact me through email or a support ticket saying you'd like to cancel your server, preferably with any reasons.

You can also put in a cancel request by visiting and click on My Services, then the Green Arrow next to the service you want to cancel, and scroll to the bottom of the page and click Request Cancelation.  Please provide a reason to why you are canceling along with a confirmation you have downloaded any files you wanted to keep(We can also help you move to a new host via server to server ftp if you'd like).

The other way is to simply cancel your Paypal subscription if you have one.  After 7 days of non server payment, the server is suspended though you may still get some emails from time to time.  That's why it's best to put in a cancel ticket if you'd like to be removed from the system.  If you use Secure Credit/Debit you will need to use the cancelation method or contact me via support ticket.

JestServers does not do credit score reporting.  If you don't pay, don't worry, nothing will ever show up on your credit score from us.



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